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Jesus with a Lamb Ministries
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Sunday School
Each week two teachers work with classes, one for the older kids and one for the preschoolers. Sunday School begins with opening prayer and then kids work with a story tied to the weekly sermon along with a craft, word puzzle, games, and/or coloring pages. A closing prayer is said by all and the students return to church in time for the Peace and Communion. This year we will focus on learning and memorizing parts of prayers and scripture as well. Our teachers work hard to offer creative, thoughtful activities and crafts that tie in to the weekly lesson.

Cross Junior Acolytes
Intermediate grade students are continuing with their duties as junior acolytes. They are very proud of the service they perform each week and look forward to learning more and gaining new responsibilities.

Summer of Service
Typically, Sunday School is on hiatus during summer but this year kids worked two Sundays a month on service projects that they chose. They decorated gift bags and then collected dog and cat food, pet toys, and pet treats to fill the bags that were donated to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

The kids also made warmth/blessing bags for approximately 40 people in our community. The gallon size bags were filled with gloves, scarves, hand warmers, socks, packets of oatmeal, etc. The kids also worked several Sundays making cards to bless various people in our congregation and made a beautiful book of hand picked poems to send with Rev. Susan on sabbatical.

Beach EucharistAnnual Ona Beach Eucharist
The Annual Ona Beach Eucharist is held on the 4th Sunday of August at Ona Beach State Park (mp 149 on Hwy 101). Kids and adults have a lot of fun at the activities set up for our Beach Eucharist. This year's activities included a balance beam, onion sack race, a go fish booth, boat ride, and a rhyming scavenger hunt. Plenty of fun and plenty of prizes are available for children. See photo gallery.

St. Luke's Annual Christmas Bazaar and Tea
Fun and service are achieved every year by St. Luke's kids at this annual event. This year they put on two mini-Nutcracker performances during the Bazaar and Tea for all to watch and enjoy. St. Luke kids worked at the bazaar and tea and also helped the day before with set up.

stars Christmas Eve Service
For the past several years a tradition for the kids of St. Luke's has been to carry Baby Jesus in with the opening procession to the front of the church and lay him in the manger. The tradition continued this year and it was very touching to see the kids standing in front of the creche, after delivering Baby Jesus to his rightful spot, with heads bowed during the opening hymn.

Gold Talk God Talk
Informal discussion groups meet at 9 am on Thursdays at the Alder Bistro in Yachats where members and non-members gather to share good coffee and good conversations. This is an open group and you're welcome to join them whenever you're in the neighborhood.

Thursday AM Class
The weekday classes study scripture and theology with major scholars. The class studied "Living the Questions II" with lively discussions while growing in faith and knowledge. Recently the class has been working through "My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer" by Christian Wiman.

Flowing Waters * Retreats
Full-day retreats are offered periodically to renew and refresh the spiritual vision of St. Luke's & St. Stephen's members. An upcoming retreat on June 28, 2014 is entitled "Encountering the Beloved through Living Water", exploring Jesus' invitation to new/renewed life. The retreats include meditations, silence, reading, poetry, art, labyrinth and Communion, as well as sharing lunch together. See photo gallery.

Altar GuildAltar Guild
The Altar Guild sets up the altar and the church for Sunday services, weekday services, baptisms, funerals, weddings, Christmas celebrations, Easter celebrations, and Bishop visits. We also provide the flowers that are at the altar every Sunday morning. This past year we got together with other ladies of the church for a pot-luck lunch and making of the palm crosses for Palm Sunday. Thanks to all those who donated flowers during the year, and all those who helped us accomplish our tasks for the altar.

Members of this guild are from both St. Luke's and St. Stephen's. We meet regularly to discuss the upcoming season(s) and to plan appropriate forms of seasonal worship and celebrations, such as special Taizé Vesper services, All Saints, Holy Week events, etc.

dove Worship Support
Acolytes serve at God's altar and seek a closer involvement in the service. This service has traditionally been performed by church youth, but is not limited to young people.

Lectors at St. Luke's are active and devoted lay people responsible for reading the Old and New Testament lessons, leading the Psalms, and offering the Prayers of the People.

Eucharistic Ministers in the Episcopal Church are selected by the priest and the vestry or BAC, and the bishop licenses the Eucharistic ministers after the required training is completed. They serve at the altar and take communion to the homebound.

Ushers or Greeters meet you at the door, hand you a bulletin, make you welcome and guide you to a pew. They also give the St. Luke's welcome and informational brochure to newcomers and visitors.

Coffee HourCoffee Hour Hosts
A volunteer recruits, schedules, and distributes the quarterly list of hosts for our very special Coffee Hour treats. This very important service and makes a real difference!

Our excellent newsletter is a team effort involving several St. Luke's members. One writes his thoughtful and often amusing "Brian's Musings;" one gathers and writes news stories, interviews members and writes the Ministry Corner Column, and does proof reading! And the volunteer editor collects all the stories and news, then cuts, pastes, edits, and makes it all fit. She also sends out frequent email updates. Another volunteer is responsible for production and mailing each month's newsletter—and extra copies are always available in the parish hall.

Prayer Chain
A volunteer coordinates the communication with the faithful members of our prayer group. Please contact Susan+ if you would like to join this group in daily prayers for the needs of those on our prayer lists, or if you wish to add someone to the prayer list.

Public Relations & Media
One of our members produces first-class posters and flyers for all of St. Luke's events as well as sign-up sheets for many of the activities we sponsor and host. Another sends news releases to the media and the Diocese to inform the community about St. Luke's fundraisers and events. She also writes weekly announcements for the Religion Briefs section of the Newport News-Times with news from both St. Luke's and St. Stephen's.

sun Sunshine Committee
A volunteer coordinates the Sunshine Committee which sends cards to those who need a specific kind of care. If you know someone who needs a little message from St. Luke's, please let one of these people know the person(s) who needs the card. See the current newsletter for a listing of Sunshine members and their messages.

St. Luke's Card Shop
St. Luke's Card Shop has a selection of hundreds of photo cards available for purchase. A volunteer professional photographer started this project several years ago. It has expanded to include more photographers and a volunteer production team that provides cards to several other venues. Trinity Cathedral's bookstore continues to order our cards and they are also available at Yahots Video, Wine Place Gallery, and Alder Bistro in Yachats. Please watch for more places in the community to display and sell St. Luke's Cards!

St. Luke's Monthly Community Dinners
Monthly Community Dinners are led by the Outreach Team which coordinates the volunteers and offers training and assistance. Attendance at the dinners depends on weather and ranges from 30 to over 70, with many regular guests coming to enjoy a great meal served by loving people.

Seashore Family Literacy Center
Seashore Family Literacy Center Many of St. Luke's Outreach efforts are connected to Seashore which was founded and is directed by our Deacon, Senitila McKinley.
Saturday Breakfasts
St. Luke's members continue to help with serving the free Saturday Breakfasts offered by Seashore and held at the Waldport Presbyterian Church. We have a loyal group of St. Luke's Saturday Breakfast volunteers but we could use more, so come out any Saturday and see how you can help.

Clothing & Blanket Collections
St. Luke's seasonal collection of warm clothing and blankets, as well as personal grooming items, are delivered to Seashore where they are distributed to our neighbors in need.
South Lincoln Resources
St. Luke's often partners with South Lincoln Resources to provide support for the needy in the south part of Lincoln County.

Food Collections
Food is collected at St. Luke's every week and taken to Yachats Food Pantry during the last month of each quarter. In addition we also contribute generously to special collections for the holiday food baskets.

Ongoing International Outreach Projects
Diocesan collections Episcopal Relief and Development

Peace & Justice * Peace & Justice Link
The joint Peace & Justice Team of St. Luke's and St. Stephen's was to address priority issues including Immigration, Hunger/Environment, and LGBT & Bully Prevention. We have worked with ROP (Rural Organizing Project), Coastal Progressives, IIRT (Immigration Information Response Team), ICPJ (Interfaith Community Peace & Justice) and PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) on many events and issues. Our Joint Peace & Justice Team merged with ICPJ and in 2014 Peace & Justice Link, a larger, community-wide organization, emerged to coordinate efforts and events such as those listed below from 2013:

Jan. 31 Yemen & the Arab Spring Forum
March 8 International Women's Day Bridge Walk for Peace
June 21-Sep 21 Season of Peace
July 29-Aug 2 Peace Village Day Camp for Kids (1st-8th grades)
Aug. 25 Baha'I' Devotions for Peace
September 8 Poetry for Peace at Don Davis Park
September 13 Dances of Universal Peace
September 17 Drumming for Peace
September 21 International Day of Peace Labyrinths
September 21 Community Peace Celebration of Prayer & Music
December 3 Middle East Peace Forum

* Human Dignity Coalition
Members of ICPJ, IIRT, and PFLAG have been leaders in establishing the Lincoln County Human Dignity Coalition to improve communication and effectiveness of non-profit agencies serving marginalized people in this county.

PFLAG * PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
As officially Welcoming Churches, St. Luke's and St. Stephen's are sensitive to the needs of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) members and visitors, many of whom have experienced painful rejection by other churches. By extending hospitality to often-marginalized people, our churches demonstrate radical hospitality. St. Luke's and St. Stephen's share a ministry to PFLAG with St. Stephen's donating space for PFLAG's monthly meetings and St. Luke's members providing leadership and support. PFLAG's purposes include (1) Support to cope with an adverse society, (2) Education to enlighten an ill-informed public, and (3) Advocacy to end discrimination and secure equal rights.

PFLAG's priorities and events included: (1) Bully Prevention projects at local schools, (2) Support for Gay/Straight Alliance clubs at area high schools, the community college, and Job Corps; (3) Encouragement for other churches to become Welcoming/Affirming, (4) Annual PFLAG Family Picnic, and (5) Advocacy for individuals and families stressed by anti-gay harassment, isolation, or bullying.

The number of officially Welcoming Churches has grown to nine – from one only six years ago. PFLAG presented its Gay 101 workshop at the Central Convocation meeting and it was very well received. Two other churches in the region (St. James in Lincoln City and St. Thomas in Dallas) have asked for assistance to establish PFLAG chapters in their communities.

Many members of both churches have contributed time, energy, cookies and membership donations to PFLAG.

* Joint programs with St. Stephen's

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